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Helping women rebuild, heal & liberate their lives after divorce.

I am Chidima Anusiem, Author and Divorce Coach.  I’ve earned over 20 years of experience developing and coaching women using spiritual and practical principles/techniques.  I am passionate about leading and coaching women through their process of healing and becoming their beautiful, authentic selves.


How it began

On paper, everything seemed perfect.

However, in 2015, my life got twisted upside down. And not in the fun “Fresh Prince” kind of way. In the “I can’t breathe, I can’t make sense of this, I have no idea what comes next” kind of way. That’s the year I divorced my husband and became a single mom. The moment that, honestly, I didn’t believe I’d ever recover from. It’s the year all the feelings swarmed over me and I second guessed my confidence and self-worth. It’s the year half of the people in my life told me “you’ll get over it” and the other half said “time will heal.” Neither of which helped.

It was the year I realized the pain I was going through could shape my future in tremendously positive ways. I realized that I was responsible for writing the next chapter in my story. The biggest lesson I learned was to embrace your pain because pain carefully cultivated turns into purpose. When your purpose is fearlessly exercised, it transforms into power.

There is hope for you…

 The world might be full of darkness, but we can create our own light together!

My experience held lessons that would gave me the wisdom, drive, and relentless passion to continue to leading and coaching healthy, strong women. It was these very lessons that went on to fuel my best-selling book, “From Glass to Stone:10 Transformational Stories of Resilience”, the “From Divorce to Diamonds” coaching program, and the numerous speaking engagements, that guide women through their process of healing and becoming their beautifully authentic selves.

“When going through my personal painful journey of healing from divorce, I was determined to become better not bitter, and so can you.” – Chidima Anusiem

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Divorce is not a death sentence! Life can be beautiful afterwards.


Permission Granted

Ready to Design your New Life After Divorce?

There’s no instruction manual to help you make sense of the pain, grief, and disappointment you’re feeling right now. However, you can consider this the next best thing. I’ve lived through it, embraced it, healed it, celebrated it and now I’m here to help you do the same.

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