Are you ready to…

move past the pain of divorce and manifest your best life?

I coach and provide a safe space for women to release the emotional, mental, and spiritual impact of divorce in order to move into a place of freedom, confidence, and joy, through the implementation of practical and faith-based tools and principles.


Is this you…

Getting divorced is one of the most life-changing events you will ever have to deal with. 

How can you start over, when divorce disrupts your life?
Right now you may be dealing with:

✓ the difficulty of getting excited about life again
✓ a hurricane of emotions such as depression, shame, anger, & unforgiveness
✓ the loss of confidence and the inability to trust anyone including yourself
✓ difficulty letting go of your ex or the mistakes from your marriage
✓ the anxiety of raising your child(ren) in a one parent household
wondering if you would ever find true love again
✓ anger at God right now wondering why me and why this?
✓ loneliness and find it difficult to enjoy your own company
✓ pain that you never think would go away



I can feel your pain…


To say divorce is hard is an understatement. However, healing is within reach.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up feeling confident and equipped for your future ahead? Yes, divorce changes you. It is life altering for many – but it doesn’t have to leave you nor your family broken. Divorce has the potential to be the greatest catalyst for your growth if you allow it.

Walking through the healing process the right way will enable you to reclaim your life, and build a future that will benefit you, your children (if applied) and your future. Going through a divorce can be a lonely process but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t get stuck in the cycle of overwhelm and reliving your loss. Navigating this moment in your life can be hard, but I can help.

You are not alone…

I know what it feels like to go through a painful divorce. I’ve been there. I married the love of my life only to find myself divorced 2 years later. I became an instant single parent, with a 6-month-old daughter. I lost my home and my job, my friends, and anxiety & depression gripped me. Life after divorce felt like a living death, and I wondered if I would ever truly live happily again. I promised myself, whenever I figured out how to overcome the darkness of divorce, and I would reach back and help other women do the same.

Today, I’m several years free from the pain I once thought would last forever! Freedom is within your reach. Your better future is relying on your healing. Let’s get started.


 From Divorce to Diamonds

From Divorce to Diamonds is a faith-based 7-week intimate group coaching program that provides an incubator where you can freely and securely express their fears, concerns, experiences, and desires. I will then assist you in building a plan of action to achieve your greatest personal and relationship goals. I will provide both spiritual and practical guidance, support, and coaching for your journey of discovery, recovery, and transformation.

Live coaching sessions

Join us for 7 weeks starting  March 24, 2022!

After 7 weeks, you should see a positive change in your emotions, move freely from unforgiveness, fall more in love with yourself, break free from your past hurt and mistakes, become hopeful about your future relationships, cultivate a support system with other From Divorce to Diamonds participants, and most importantly you will uncover the beauty of your journey.

Here is what to expect from our sessions:

Visualize and Prepare for Your New Life

Right now, you probably feel buried in the pain and dirt, there’s a thick heaviness that you just can’t seem to wash off. I promise you, that feeling is temporary through Vision Casting and prayerful meditations, you’ll become crystal clear on the kind of life you really want to live, one truly built on your terms. Consider this your fresh start.

Break-Up With Toxic Emotions

When a cup overflows it can only spill over. This is exactly what happens when we don’t create room to process the complicated and toxic emotions that come from divorce. We find ourselves snapping at our children, making passive aggressive comments to our friends, turning happy moments into moments of frustration. It’s not your fault. All these emotions build up inside of you until they’re ready to erupt. I’ll be right there by your side to navigate these emotions together so we can let them go once and for all.

Undoing Negative Relationship Cycles

It’s human nature to live in patterns of our past actions. However, when those patterns turn into cycles that feel inescapable, it’s time to break them. Let’s do this together by digging deep into your past and setting new expectations for your future.

Building Self Confidence That Shines

After diamonds are mined, they’re cleaned, cut, and polished to be ready for the world. Anything that holds them back from their highest value is chipped away to let the rest of it shine. Polishing yourself means letting go of the things that are holding you back as well: the lack of self-trust, lack of clarity, and the fear of choosing wrong. Then, you’ll be able to rebuild and love yourself the way you’ve always desired others to love you.

Embracing Forgiveness & Setting Boundaries

Forgiveness in this moment may seem impossible. That’s okay. You don’t need to see it at this moment, because there’s a process to getting there (even when others make it sound so easy). You’re angry. You’re hurt. You’re confused, and the last thing you feel like doing right now is forgiving. You’re going to do it anyway. Because here’s what I know: you have the confidence and strength within you to ask for forgiveness in the areas you feel guilty and shine a light on the people who have hurt you in the past. You just haven’t tapped into it yet. Let me help you find it.

Combatting Loneliness & Being Content With You

Just like any diamond, you hold a unique value that deserves respect, honesty, and healthy love. Even if it’s not something you plan on happening anytime soon, love may come down the line when you least expect it. Because you deserve that. However, must first learn to let go of your past (i.e. your ex) and stand on your own two feet. You will kick loneliness to the curb and become content in your singleness. You don’t need another person to validate your value, because you are ready are valuable! Even if you’re not ready for a new relationship, love will still come. Love for yourself, Love for your loved ones, and love for and from God.

Finding Joy In Your Journey

“Is this my story? My divorce?” Yes..and no. In every great story, there’s a chapter where the character reaches a fork in the road. This is the place where they get to decide who they’ll be next. So no, you’re divorce won’t be your story, but it will be a pivotal chapter in that story. In fact, you might just find that it’s the most important chapter. It’s how you choose to write the chapters that follow.

Exclusive Access to the "From Divorce to Diamonds" Private facebook Group

Join other diamonds and journey through your divorce recovery processes together. You deserve to not have to heal alone, you now have a tribe who can help!

Ready to take that step


This program is for you if…

You’re tried to put the pieces together after your divorce and have been unsuccessful
Are not looking for a quick fix and understand healing is a slow steady process
You desire/need an accountability partner(me) to support you along the way
You are willing to invest in your healing by commiting to the program costs, exercises, and activities
You desire to release the cycle of pain and are ready to live your best life today 

The solution you need

I leverage powerful techniques and activities that will include the following:

20-page From Divorce to Diamonds Activity Workbook

Vision-casting and Meditation (Biblical Scripture Meditation) Practices

Transformational Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Powerful Self-care and Self-affirmation Declarations

 ✓ In-depth Personality Tests

Deep-dive into Childhood and Relationship History



Frequently Asked Questions

Is From Divorce to Diamonds only for Divorcees?

No, this program is also for women who experienced a breakup as well. Being in a long-term relationship and going through a breakup is closely related to the effects of a divorce. I believe that these experiences also need attention and support.

Is Life After Divorce Coaching the same as therapy?

Life After Divorce Coaching is focused on how to move you forward into your new radiant future after divorce vs therapy which is primarily focused on what happened to you in your past. From Divorce to Diamonds is a bit of a blend between coaching and therapy because we will revisit your past to understand your journey and share techniques to help you cope with any negative experiences. However, moving forward from your pain through self-discovery, an effective plan of action(s), and an accountability partner, Chidima, to walk alongside you is the primary focus. Because of this focus, you are less likely to get stuck in the cycle of rehashing or living your past, but you move out of old stories more quickly. Life After Coaching is about your present transformation and the necessary steps to help you get you there.

How many years of experience does Chidima have as a Life After Divorce Coach?

Chidima has a combination of 20+ years of coaching experience. Her coaching experience began in 2001 at the early age of 19. She was a dance coach for a 100-member dance team consisting mostly of teenage & young adult girls. In 2006, Chidima became a VP Branch & Regional Manager for a major financial institution, where she participated in sales, career, and professional coaching in the organization. In 2017, She began actively coaching women in the area of divorce and has helped hundreds of women reclaim their joy and life afterwards. Divorce Coaching is one of the most fulfilling coaching roles Chidima has ever held, and seeing women set free and moving on to brighter days makes her heart full!

Is From Divorce to Diamonds only for Divorcees?

No, this program is also for women who experienced a breakup as well. Being in a long-term relationship and going through a breakup is closely related to the effects of a divorce. I believe that these experiences also need attention and support.

Is Life After Divorce Coaching necessary?

Healing from divorce without the proper guidance is like breaking your arm without setting it or placing it in a cast. Your arm will heal over time, but it may heal crooked or incorrectly. From Divorce to Diamonds allows you to get the proper tools and knowledge, from Coach Chidima, to help set your broken heart/life in order for you to experience a better outcome.

You will have the ability to have your most pressing questions answered, and concerns addressed real time. Also, you will not be alone, but will be surrounded by a community of women with similar stories to support you. There is a direct correlation between healing and having a positive support system around you and this is what From Divorce to Diamonds offers. From Divorce to Diamonds takes the ambiguity, confusion, and stagnation out of the healing process by creating a clear path to recovery.

How much does the From Divorce to Diamond Program cost?

Program costs are practical with the minimum package pricing starting at $50 per session. Pricing varies depending on whether you participate in group or individual coaching sessions. Payment plans are available upon request. Sessions are non-refundable.

There is hope…..

Your story doesn’t have to
end with sadness

You can have a happy ending, one where the (s)hero learns who she’s truly meant to be and how to change for the better. Diamonds do not magically appear, it goes through a deep process of unearthing and polishing, before being displayed. Regardless of how you feel now, the same unique value is within you. I know you’re determined to shine. I can’t wait to help you make it happen.

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Client Testimonial

There is no one like Chidima. A woman of integrity and character. Author Chi is very compassionate and warm hearted. She has such a sweet personality. She is a very good listener and is transparent. When talking with her she makes you feel like you matter.

-Cathy T

Client Testimonial

My coaching session with Author Chi was filled with confirmation and satisfaction. It was truly a breakthrough experience, she made me see things from a new perspective and a new light. My confidence is restored and renewed, literally, I’m on 10. I’m so excited and thrilled to continue my coaching service. Author Chi made me feel comfortable and it was easy to speak with her, she not only listens, however, she offers great advice.

Erica L.

Client Testimonial

Chidima is an awesome coach. Our time together is very beneficial for me and has allowed me to do some real self-reflection and analysis and I’ve been able to take steps and see improvement in a lot of areas of my life. She is very relatable, knowledgeable and gets to the core of the issues and comes up with actionable steps so that I can set goals and be able to measure my progress. I’m blessed to have met her and will continue my journey with her.

Ashley B.

Client Testimonial

There’s no one like author Chi. A woman of integrity and character. Author Chi is very compassionate and warm hearted. She has such an sweet personality. She is a very good listener and transparent. When talking with her she makes you feel like you matter.

Dedra C.

Client Testimonial

I would highly recommend author Chi’s services. Her warmth and her spirit automatically put you at ease. She listens with intent and acknowledges what you say. She helped me uncover and discover some things about myself I didn’t know. I also like the fact that she gave me homework assignments to help me really think about things. If you’re looking for professionalism along with an easy person to talk to. I, again would highly recommend the services of author Chi. She makes you feel like you’re simply talking to a friend.

M. Jones

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