From Glass to Stone

Chidima shares the intricacies of her story of divorce, setback, self reflection, and triumphs.

Author Chidima highlights multiple lessons she learned while navigating the uncertainties of this painful experience and will teach you how she gleaned purpose and power in the process.

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From Glass to Stone

From Glass to Stone, also includes 9 additional short stories from bestselling authors. As you dive in, these authors will take you on a journey through their life’s most difficult experiences such as the battle with learning disabilities, low self-esteem, physical illness, incarceration, death of relationships, and toxic families, etc. These authors will reveal how they developed the resilience to overcome their obstacles, and so can you!

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 Client Testimonials

In the midst of reading this book, tears just rolled down my eyes. I too was in a relationship for many years and it was quite toxic and verbal / emotional abuse was normal. Reading your story just made me thank God again for not looking like what I have been thru. Thank you for sharing such an intimate piece of your life with the world.


I felt connected to her experience in a way I rarely feel with reading books. Not only was it relatable but offered a clear way to offset relationship struggles and turn them into healing, purpose and growth. I love this book.


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